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Fund Name Description
Fiscal Sponsorship
Bluejireh Foundation The Bluejireh Foundation was formed in 2019 as a corporate initiative of the Bluejireh Corporation. The Bluejireh Foundation has several functions, including granting to other non-profits, but primarily focuses on three things; Entrepreneurship, Scholarship, and Aviation.
Freedom Line Tours Foundation Freedom Line Tours Foundation's mission is to assist in partnering with individuals, public and private entities that contribute to the mental, physical, and emotional quality of life of the communities around the world. Freedom Line Tours Foundation Provides grantmaking and capacity building support for communities in our tour areas.
Joná’s Way An organization dedicated to saving lives by bringing awareness, education, and support concerning blood clots to our community.
Foundation Operation Funds
Penny Foundation Fund The Administrative Fund is the engine that powers the Foundation. Contributions to this fund support the Foundation's operating/administrative expenses. Donors to this fund help the Foundation to become self-supportive and grow faster to fight economic inequality.
The Penny Club Become a member and invest in the Penny Foundation. In doing so, you are supporting the Foundation’s mission of connecting people-organizations, and resources to address economic inequalities in the Black community. Your donation will build and support the ongoing programs, operations, and grants of the Penny Foundation.
Penny Foundation Programs
Community-Owned Grocery Store Fund The Community-Owned Grocery Store is a replicable model. It is a profit generating, self-perpetuating resource that allows money to circulate within the community. It anchors economic development in its zip code, providing jobs and lifting the overall value of the community. COGS eliminate food deserts and allow people to become investors in assets within their community.
Our Voice Our Time The Our Voice Our Time Project is a video voice project that provides youth and young adults the opportunity to express their feelings and thoughts about their neighborhoods, communities, and their cities. Through the use of the immediacy of video, the project is a proactive approach to empower youth and young adults to act as recorders and catalysts for change, in their communities.
Smart Town Smart Town is a one-day conference to empower residents to use technology to better their lives and communities. The conference offers a mix of panel discussions and technology instructor-led seminars to engage community members in the areas of faith, education, entrepreneurship, and social impact. With breakout sessions for beginners, intermediate, and experienced users of technology, the conference is designed to enhance the unique experience of each attendee. The conference is an opportunity for attendees to interact with products and services as well as experience how technologies continue to improve our daily lives and strengthen our communities.
Other Funds